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Torisho News

What's New with Torisho?

This page provides the latest information of Torisho Restaurant.

Temari Menu のコピー.jpg
Temari Menu のコピー.jpg
Tempura Menu のコピー.jpg

New Menu

We have a new menu!
We will continue to add variations,
so please look forward to it!Currently it's only available at the Binh Thanh Branch!​

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New year!
Your tremendous support to Izakaya Trosiho is greatly appreciated!! 

Pink Sugar

2nd Floor is opened!@ Binh Thanh Br.

The second floor is open.

You now have more options for finding a place.

Non-smoking on the second floor on weekends.

(Smoking is allowed anytime and anywhere on the 1st floor!)

New Menu Released!

We have added a variety of menu items such as seafood skewers, interesting parts of pork skewers, and miso oden skewers!

New Menu
New  Menu 02
New Menu 03
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