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Torisho Thai Van Lung H.Q.


The first ​Torisho Thai Van Lung since 2015 

Torisho 1 Facade View

TORISHO Thai Van Lung Branch

Torisho Tai Van Loung is the center of Japantown. We opened Torisho 2015. We started as a small restaurant on one floor, and a year later, in 2016, we renovated the first floor and expanded the space. Enjoy the food, music, and space that gives you a taste of Japan, with a design concept based on the atmosphere of the late Showa era.

IMG20231108153309 (1).jpg

Tables & Seats

Our restaurant at Thai Van Lung has two floors with counters and tables on both feet. The ground floor has 12 counter seats and 6 table seats, and the first floor has 20 table seats. 

IMG20231108153309 (1).jpg
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