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Torisho - Con Ga Cuoi Binh Thanh Branch 


The 2nd Torisho in Pham Viet Chanh Area

Torisho 12 Counter View

Torisho 2 - Con Ga Cuoi

Torisho2 - Con Ga Cuoi, located in Binh Thanh District, opened in 2018. We offer Torisho's grand menu and Torisho2's original menu.

Recently we renovated the 2nd floor, making it more comfortable to use.

Tables & Seats

Torisho2 - Con Ga Cuoi consists of two floors, 

and there are counters and tables on both feet.

12 counter seats 

and 20 table seats on the 1st floor, 

and 12 table seats

And six counter seats on the 2nd floor.

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